Waviq Subhi

Waviq Subhi

Job: Web Developer and Mobile Developer Position: Techlead

I'm a Full Stack Developer. Love Code, and love learn popular around the programming. I'm also loved Holiday, Love hangout with my friends. Aspiration to become a pious child and that being helpful to others people. Use Code to create friendships, Use simple code and cleans code, Use the code after solve the problem


Laravel 85
Bootstrap 80
PHP Native 80
Java 80
Java Spring 80
Data Scient 77
VueJs 75
Android 70
Docker 70
Microservice Architecture 70
Photoshop 60
AngularJS 2 60
AngularJs 50
ExpressJs 10
Ruby on Rails 10


  • Junior Freelance

    Working student projects (final, minor, thesis, etc.)

  • Profesional Freelance

    Working profesional project company, goverment, personal, etc

  • Web Developer MirumIndonesia

    Web Developer

  • Web Developer@Indosystem and Loket-gojek

    Principle Web Developer

  • Web Developer@Higo

    Principle Web Developer and Big data Research

  • CO Founder @Mastahcode

    Creating articles and Instructur video screencast about programming and design